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Welcome to The London Log Co
Charcoal & Wood Merchants
Service to the Restaurant industry
London and Nationwide

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0207 2311711
0753 999 5725

Office Hours:
9am - 5pm
Yard hours: 
8am - 4:30pm

Orders and Deliveries
0207 2311711

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All other enquiries
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How we deliver to you.
We are based in in South East London. 
On Rotherhithe New Road, just off the Old Kent Road.

We hold stock of all of our products for fast and reliable delivery to your business.
For London we have our own vehicles. For the U.K & Europe we have a reliable courier network.

We have a well established and experienced drive team who deliver to restaurants daily.
Our customers usually fit into a scheduled deliver pattern, mostly weekly but sometimes more often.

Your business is our priority, so we're here to listen and assist you. 
Each week we'll send you a MailChimp reminder a few days before we're due in your area, if we don't hear back and we know your requirements, then we'll often drop you a call.

Should you find yourself in the position with no stock then call us, message us through social media.

We have a solid O.M.G. service via Addison Lee to help when needs must. We'll get stock to you by courier (often within 3 hours during the day) and bill you the face value of the run.

It's simple, it's reliable.

Scheduled deliveries:

O.M.G 😮 
(when needs must) fast deliveries daily by courier

Local & Mail Order  

When ordering/enquiring by email
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Please let us have the following info:
Tel no's:
Preferred delivery date:
Am/afternoon/early eve:
Can we leave somewhere, if nobody's going to be in ?

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Winter Season Only 
Firewood deliveries to these postcode areas:
Local Orders
Following Postcodes Only



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