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A little about what we do
In the past 5 years we've been making wood for Chefs and food producers. We've carefully selected wood by species and variety to compliment the the food you make on your grill, in the ovens & smokers. There's various lengths and sizes, along with stages of seasoning. All of these make a difference to the final outcome of what you're producing.

Below is a guide to what we do and why we do it.
  • Grills & Ovens. 
  • Smoking Wood & Slow Cure 
  • Chunks & Chips
  • Sizes: 6" 11" 22" inches
  • In trolley-boot bags
  • In carry bags

Wood for Cooking: 
Conditioning & seasoning
How we treat the wood all through the conditioning and seasoning processes is key to the way it will
perform in the kitchen. First we select the species for flavour and burn qualities; like Oak or Beech.
We then decide which size and length is required. This goes through a mechanised processor, one which gives us accurate split and sizing options. From there the wood goes up a conveyor and through a tumbler, to loosen and sort any debris (this is collected and later is used to fire the bio-mass kiln) . From here the wood is fed into a metal stillage crate, then vibrated to settle the load, this ensures it won't settle further during transport and saves us about 10% in haulage cost per year. Each process is monitored to be safe and handled manually as little as possible, by as few people as possible, to ensure maximum efficiency.

Kiln drying
Once crated in the stillage, the wood goes three crates high into the bio-mass kiln, where it spends upto 6 days curing until it's reached the desired moisture. All the fuel for the boiler is 'waste' collected wood from the processing. From there we transport upto 35 stillage crates at a time into our London distribution yard. Our yard is situated in Deptford to minimise the road freight into London.

Grills & Ovens
This cooking style requires wood have consistent length, size and dryness. There is no time to be playing with inconsistent firewood in a kitchen. During service you'll require the wood to perform in a predictable and regulated manner.
We cut these Grill & Oven logs at 11" and we make 3 split sizes of small, medium and slightly larger. This gives you a
uniform and controlled burn rate, which you can measure by minutes pretty much. They feature a tri-cut (triangular) shape, which gives you 3 flame edges to encourage the wood to burn in a uniform controlled way, both in the grill and in the oven.
*Also now available in 6"

There's a number of smoker types we supply wood for. Some require a straight forward kiln-dry, others a blend of kiln-dry and our Slow-Cure wood.
The classic American off-set smoker, where the firebox sits outside of the main chamber will take an 11" chunky log as standard.
Old Hickory or Southern Pride Smokers will usually take the 11" Slow-Cured wood we produce. Some firebox chambers can take two at one time, which increases the smoke volume accordingly during the cook.

Chips & Bigger Chunks

Not all grills or appliances can handle the larger sized wood, so we make a 6" smaller chunky log. They can easily can sit in your grill, Josper or drum smoker BBQ. They are all available in carry bags. Or larger boot-trolley bags

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