Monday, 6 October 2014

Kiln Dried Seasoned English Hardwood Logs

The Summer is over, it's the season for logs now. There, i've said it; but I did enjoy the late Indian Heatwave this year and it's helped us at London Log Co, to get that bit more organised

This season we have a very good stock of English Hardwood Logs, all of which have been air seasoned well, in the outside yard. Once cut and processed into firewood, they're crated into vented metal 1m square 'stillages' and stacked indoors, three high
This method allows for crucial air flow around the wood, unhidered by bags or packaging. And it's the airflow around the wood that makes the key difference to how we season firewood. The barn itself is deliberately draughty, airflow is further encouraged this way

Wood-Fired Kiln. Once split into logs and air dried in our 'stillage crates' all summer, we finish them off in the new Wood-Fired Kiln, to bring the moisture level to under 20%
I've seen various prodution methods elsewhere; with huge tipper-truck type silos of logs, piled into firewood mountains. It's impressive volume wise, but it doesn't get much airflow, even when a huge mechanical shovel turns them over regularly. It's also a lot of ineffecient moving of stock, for little gain 'seasoning' wise

At London Log Co, we put our collective thinking heads together, with our harvesting partners. "We can't work any harder, but we can definitely work smarter " we all agreed
So, we take our lead from Scandanavia and Germany, where firewood as fuel is treated in a particular way. Woodland management, harvesting, seasoning and storing is all considered in the picture. Efficient transportation in volume is also key, as is traceability.
We now know where, when and who cut the wood (it's logged on the GPS of the harvester). It's all carefully mechanically harvested, much within 15 miles of the yard and just outside of the M25 East

Mechanical Harvesting is the safest and most effecient way to 'crop' a woodland.
I do still quite like the romantic idea, of going out into the forest with a chainsaw, cutting the wood required. We did that for years. But, in reality it's one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. One misjudged move with a whirring saw can be lethal, so can a huge mass of wood falling towards you
We can fix machines, but people are priceless, so we use the safest and most efficient tools available: See here; a soft wood plantation being harvested

Enviromental care after the harvest is key. The best practice involves a clearing of the site, by stump-grinding and considerate levelling of the woodland floor, this encourages nature to take over. And with softwood plantations (once harvested) now being turned over to the re-planting of English Broad-Leaf varieties, we are able to ensure a healthy and steady supply of hardwood species, where once a mono-culture woodland stood. Much of the wood we take, is a plantion 'crop' hardwood

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs
We now have KILN DRIED FIREWOOD LOGS, ready to deliver in our London Postcode Areas
It's the finest state-of-the-art drying Kiln for our firewoods. It's a one-off and custom built. The Kiln is Bio-Mass fed. All fuelled with the surplus wood produced during the felling and firewood making stage, or with recovered re-cycled timber (rejected cricket bats even feature here). This facility will give us the most natural 'leg up' to finally finishing our wood, when required

Delivering to you
Firewood logs will be packaged once we take the bulk stock into our Deptford Depot, that way the wood gets physically handled once only. It's then packed tightly into our super efficient trolley bags, ready for delivery by one of our drivers
We're aiming for maximum but gentle efficiency here, plus it allows us to deliver our usual personal and friendly London Log Co service

Joanne will be running the 'Log Delivery Schedule' by taking bookings and directing drivers.
Call her or email your order  on 0753 999 5725 She'll make it happen for you
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Deborah will be running the accounts and office. And i'll be out there, with our harvesting partners, ensuring we all have a resource and products to be proud of

I'll keep you posted as we go. It's an onward, but very exciting journey here at London Log Co

Many thanks