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The Fire is back, that's for sure !
More and more the craft of cooking over natural fire is finding a bigger and broader audience, both here in the UK and beyond.....

*FT Weekend Food & Drink Magazine April 

The depth and range of flavour from a wood & charcoal fired grill can't be matched. But getting the best from that grill takes time, knowledge and patience. When achieved it's an instrument of alchemy, from white hot coals to dying embers, smoke and gently radiant heat. All these 'heats & smokes' are there to be exploited and tamed. A grill is a living thing when fired, make it your friend

There's an art to creating a grill fire and keeping it at its best during service.  The skill of cooking with fire, heat and smoke is highly evocative. Once learnt, it's a beautiful way for a Chef to express their creativity. But it must be reliable and as serviceable as any other piece of kitchen equipment. The coals and the wood, must be good from the start and how you use them is key

Adaptability is the key to a grill's success, by adding height or accessories the grill is transformed. A rotisserie above a Robata, turns it from a fierce 'parrilla' grill, into a gentle 'high and slow' event. Whole lamb, suckling pigs and rows of birds do well here

However, not all adaptations are costly. Just a few extra fire bricks, wire mesh racks and an iron griddle plate to play with, can make all the difference. A pot of water adding moisture, and a sauce in the cool end of the fire pit, gathering smoke, slowly reducing, it's all there to be explored 
If there's one thing i've learned, it's that no two grills perform exactly the same way. Sure some are very similar in shape and size, but place the same grills in two different restaurants and see the results.

We offer a collaborative range of services, that are unique here in London. Having been involved right from the beginning of many projects: new restaurants, pop-ups through street food trading, BBQ's and Meatopian events 
And because we've spend the time looking at each of these, the kitchens we work with, listening to Chef's , BBQ legends and Patrons, reading, asking and working grills of all kinds, we've learned a whole lot , with more to come 
The greater part of our business comes from recommendation: Chef to Chef, event to event, person to person. It's a priceless and organic way to grow our services, and if you have a project in mind and want to speak with us, then i'm happy to meet with you

Our open offer
If you, your team, or project would like to make use of our knowledge, to add value to your offer and develop your team and business, then please email me here

We find ways to make use of new and existing equipment & resources, we garner and deliver a wealth of best practice and craft skills to engage with and pass on. We can observe, analyse and report on your existing operation. Then offer and share our knowledge to inspire you and your team, through hands-on practice, staff training, talks and more. In short, we're here for you.

Speak soon 


Josper Oven 'beasting' at 500c-900f

We offer a range of consultancy & supply services

Grill and Ovens: setting-lighting-burning-maintenance throughout the service

Fire training and management for staff

Ethic's education & knowledge sharing for staff training

Training manuals and back up support

Equipment sales

Technical advice

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