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We provide a neat and professional restaurant delivery service for London and the UK. 
We supply Chefs, Cooks, fire mavericks and Live-Fire BBQ enthusiasts alike
Each of our products have unique burning and flavour characteristics 

We live here in London, with our yard in the historic trading area of Deptford. We work closely with our production partners in Hertfordshire & Oxford

The following are available in 10k sizes for delivery within mainland UK 
Call or e-mail us for a full price list

Restaurant Grade 
English woodland charcoal 
RMX Blend
Restaurant grade
English hardwood 
Oak, beech, birch & sweet-chestnut
Highly carbonised with deep and rich aromatic notes
Used to dress & season the grill for deep clean flavours 
Great taste & max efficiency when used over the long burning Engineered Charcoals

Restaurant Grade
Single Species 
English Woodland Charcoals
We pioneered this style of Charcoal here in the UK. It was driven by a desire for unique flavours and clarity of taste
Each species fires differently in the retort and small batch firing helps retain their unique flavour notes and characteristic 
This is a slightly bonkers-labour-of-love, but the resulting flavours are well worth the effort
Some will be here on a regular basis and others (like apple) as seasonal offers. It's worth keeping your eye out for some of the future specials we'll be doing, like Plum, Cherry and others

English production charcoal
Deep and rich 'beurre noisette' notes. High mineral spike to finish, underscored with vanilla, tobacco and peat . Clear flame and smoke character.
Highly carbonised with distinctive aromatic notes

Clear and light sweetness, with a clean flame and smoke character. Beech contains a natural polysaccharide within the wood (Xylitol), this comes through in the burn notes  
Highly carbonised with distinctive aromatic notes

Silver Birch
English woodland charcoal
Zesty, citric with rich base mineral notes
Clean flame and smoke character. Usually found only in Finland
Highly carbonised with distinctive heady-sweet-oily aromatic notes

Wild Cherry
English wild woodland charcoal
We only get access to the odd thread of this wood, but its here.
Deep, strong, rich and 'of the earth'
Not overpowering but a character all of its own. Think Middle Earth and Dark magic.
Clean flame and character.
10k out of stock for now

Sweet Chestnut
English woodland charcoal
Clean and distinctive almost fruit-rum note and an ultra clean flame
Highly carbonised with distinctive & clean aromatic notes
 out of stock for now
English woodland charcoal
Burns to unique a pure white colour
Light smoke, with creme' caramel/nutty aromatic characteristics
Highly carbonised with good clean tasting notes
10k out of stock for now 
English woodland charcoal
This is probably the hardest-maddest-loveliest wood to carbonise . It takes the longest to prepare and fire, as the wood is as hard as nails and weighs a ton. But the flavour is worth the effort
Highly carbonised with rich-smokey fruit & distinctive aromatic notes

5 day cook & 2 day 3/4 fired Apple Grill Wood
The most labour intensive and extraordinary product we have made. This style is much loved in the Basque region and even there it's rare
Lovingly fired at a temperature that leaves the wood part of the Apple wood mostly intact, but it looks and performs like charcoal 
It's big, in log-split branch like chunks, much like carbonised fossilised wood 
But the flavour speaks for itself, with an ultra rich-smokey fruitiness and a highly distinctive flavour note
Not for the faint hearted 
Use sparingly
2 kilo bag out of stock

Restaurant Grade Engineered Charcoals
These are made from pure reclaimed sawmill by-product. 
100% Natural materials, but engineered into a bar, which is then fired to produce a high level fixed-carbon charcoal.
Weight to weight: nothing delivers more heat and endurance 

Chip Monk Majic
Ultra long and powerful burn qualities, in the highly regarded Japanese Ogatan style. 
Made from reclaimed virgin wood 
Naturally fired
10k boxes

E-Char Bullion 
English Restaurant Charcoal 
Ultra long and powerful burn qualities, in the highly regarded Japanese Ogatan style. 
Made from reclaimed virgin wood, sourced from uk mills
Naturally firedTemp out of stock 
10k boxes
*Temp out of stock 

Our aim is to encourage our forestry partners to promote positive & renewable energy, through the continuous management of their woodland resources

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UK mainland. Please inquire for prices

Single Species - Silver Birch
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Pitt-Cue BBQ feature
As used by the finest and cleanest grills in town
Full and flavoursome - Restaurant Grade English Lump-wood Charcoal
Made from FSC English Oak, Sweet Chestnut & Silver Birch

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Now available in 10 kg boxes

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