Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Welcome to The London Log Co

Official Wood & Charcoal sponsor for Meatopia


Saturday 7th September 2013

It's here and i'd like to thank all those who made it possible for us at London log Co to offer our sponsorship of the event. Without their help we'd never have been able to supply all the Charcoal's & awesome British Oak Wood.

John & Lewis  at Treewood. John at Bridgebrooke. Weber U.K. Mary at Tregothan. American Classic's (check out my snazzy threads & Redwing footwear) Jimbo"James"Davis Graphic Design and lastly, my very patient partner Deborah Thomas


I salute you all.



We've been quietly obsessing about British Wood+Charcoal+Meat for a while now. London chefs and the like also sharing our nerdy ways with wood & fire. Though we somehow managed to keep our special charcoals and woods a trade secret, by carefully indulging our ideas and wares within our closed network known as The Brotherhood. All this was well and good, we talked robes, mottos and latin "Smoke-Wood-Brotherhood" and "All hail to the smoke"

Until one day I took the call from Richard Turner (he of Turner & George, Hawksmoor, Pitt Cue) , probably one of the foremost Meat + Fire obsessives in London

"Hey Mark, i've been thinking"


"Wanna support the event i'm doing"

"Ok, which event is that"




I swallowed hard and said "Ok" again, in my best manly voice

Well I couldn't say NO !

I couldn't say NO to the greatest show of MEAT-GRILLS-SMOKERS & BBQ's on our own turf, here in London.

Of course i'd heard about Meatopia, over there, across the pond in the USA. Though on further reading I realised the magnitude of the event.

The brainchild of TIME magazine food columnist and a 'James Beard' Award-winning food writer Josh Ozersky, Meatopia is an acclaimed food festival for discerning carnivores, bought to you in London for the first time by Turner & George


2012 saw the event leave new york for the first time when San Francisco hosted dozens of the world-class chefs cooking the country's best cuts of meat over live fires, while live music entertained the masses all enjoying cold beers and the best in aged spirits. This September is London's turn

Now, there's no better cold shower than those two reviews to liven the senses & get your arse in gear.
But we're well up for it. We cut trees, we drive trucks, we wear work-wear to work & we have beards to stop our faces freezing off in Winter.

So with that in mind we've been pulling wood from our reserves: Oak, seasoned for up to 3 years will add the essential-buttery-smoke to slow cooked Beef Brisket. English Apple will sweeten the air and much Pork with beautiful flavour notes. And Sweet Chestnut, with its soft and light floral incense like aroma will feature.

We're also selecting wood & firing our Charcoal Retorts with the finest our British Woodlands have to offer. Oak, Beech, Silver Birch along with Chestnut and hand coppiced Hazel going into the mix. In all it's going to be a festival of the best of Blighty, with our charcoals and woods up there in the thick of it.

Plus we've put together a one-off special Charcoal for the grills and BBQ's at the event, full of flavour, heat and aroma. Look out for our..

It's going to be a full on but very special day on the 7th of September, though we are very much looking forward to it all

There's loads more to come, so we'll keep you posted as we go

In the words of The Brotherhood

"All hail to the smoke"



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