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Welcome to The London Log Co
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Kiln-dried 'Ready to Burn' hardwood for stoves
London and Nationwide 

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We've got 'Ready to Burn' firewood 
come and get it....
in 3 easy ways.......

1. We can deliver locally (see postcodes below)

2. You collect from our yard in Rotherhithe

3. Delivery by courier

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'Ready to Burn'
Kiln Dried English Hardwood Logs
Cut at 9" specially good in wood fired stoves
A blend of very good & beautifully Kiln dried English hardwoods
Kiln Dried Seasoning after being well air dried for a year in naturally vented wire cages
Burns hot & efficiently clean 
Great in a wood fired stove
*All prices are Inc VAT

We-Deliver Boot Bags
Our minimum delivery order
X 2  boot bags (£75 per bag)
Each bag has a showerproof tie down lid

U-Collect Boot Bag
Come to our yard at Rotherhithe New Road, near to West Bermondsey train station. Load your car with a clean and easy boot bag of wood. (we'll help you of course) 
Save £10 per bag by doing so
Call ahead and we'll give you a time and day
Usually weekdays, but soon on a Saturday
Each bag has a showerproof tie down lid

Pallet delivery
Packed, wrapped and strapped to a pallet
7 poly woven manageable bags
Equal to 4.5 of our boot bags 
Delivered kerbside by courier
Note: This kind of volume usually comes in one BIG bag, but that's a challenge
for customers to then empty and store. So, we've broken down the BIG bag into x 7 smaller ready packed manageable bags, so you don't have too. A little thought, saving a lot of effort
inc vat

All clean soft wood

'Hotties' Engineered Logs 
I love these in combination with Kiln dried logs & our natural-firelighter trays 
Ultra efficient, HOT like coal and long burning. Easy to set and light
Use on their own or combined with kiln dried logs, in a wood fired stove 
They give out a massive amount of heat
Essentially a reconstructed bar of wood, cleverly made in a near carbon neutral factory, with pure wood by-product (nothing else added) from the UK wood-milling industry. 
Clean, green and at around 6% moisture, they produce very little ash 
Pack of 10

5 Natural firelighters 
Per pack of x 5
Dense reclaimed cardboard (much like an egg box is made of) impregnated with vegetable wax. Breaks into 2-parts. It's super easy to become a fire making expert with these


Local Orders

Following Postcodes Only

To order or enquire
See below:
It's fairly low-tech, but please copy and paste the info below onto your email
and fill to suit at the link below

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Open fire
Outdoor fire pit

Email us anytime !
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Or call us Mon-Fri 
9am - 5:00 pm

Firewood Hotline

SCOTT 0753 999 5725
Office 0208 3144592

twitter @LondonLogCo

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The new Wood-Fired Kiln is up and running. It's been an epic journey by all concerned to make this happen. For us a dream come true (I know, but really it is) and for you; a constant & considerate source of Kiln Dried English Hardwood Logs. The kiln is fired from the by-product of our cutting process & it's a thing of beauty to behold

We live here in the capital, but work alongside our forestry partners in Hertfordshire & Kent - the best of both worlds we reckon.
Our aim is to encourage healthy management of our resources, through positive harvesting of the woodland

We love wood and all that surrounds it. However, prices for the raw product have risen. So to keep our costs stable we've made a few packaging changes, this allows us to pack our trucks and stores better. Plus we handle the product less this way. In all it's helped us keep our prices steady, if you'd kindly hang onto the bags it'll help us even further 
Orders & deliveries
We endeavour to meet the delivery time allocated, but this is London and the road and traffic conditions can vary. We reserve the right to change our schedule to suit the conditions. We ask our customers to be flexible and understanding, within reason. Please keep us informed of any changes and let us know if there's any quirks with the traffic your area 
For instance: I went to make a delivery into the city, up near Guildhall, only to discover the area blocked off for a "Road Running Event" What fun I though, as I wheeled the trolley through the streets, 10 minutes from my truck, TWICE. I still made the delivery though. When I 'mentioned' this to the Chef he responded "Oh yeah, I meant to tell you that" and smiled
Bless him!


Our logs come in 9 inch size as standard

Moving or Stacking

We're happy to get the logs right up to the 1st step of your home, by using our trolley. Our boot bags are heavy, too heavy for one man to lift upstairs. Which is why we offer to get it to the first step of the property. Down the side path into the garden is possible if it's clear and trolley friendly. Upstairs requires two strong bodies
The bags do come with their own handy showerproof lid, should they need to be left outside, until someone can unpack and move them into their log store. 
However, if you require assistance with moving or stacking to a further location, then there is NOT our standard service, and there will be a charge for this. 
Please inquire with the office beforehand

Community purchases
If you're enterprising & looking for ways to save money then you can organise one of our Local-Community purchases. You get together a group of buyers within your local area or social network and purchase as one. We will deliver to all the contributors & give you a favourable discount on the order. The more you buy the better the deal

I'm confident that you'll like our wood, if not we offer a

no quibble, money-back guarantee. 
Life's to short to argue the toss over a few logs


Notes from a delivery driver

Some of our customers live in diverse, interesting and downright  strangely beautiful places. From houseboats to historic buildings from warehouses to gypsy caravans . It never fails to charm & surprise me. In short I love it. However, please give us some indication of your particular place of dwelling, as it can determine how we approach the delivery schedule. Tide-out & down a houseboat jetty is hard work if you catch it wrong. 
Or up a narrow staircase & down a spiral into the back garden ( customer's nervous bull-terrier in tow ) is to be polite "a little knackering"

Though we've yet to be beaten.


twitter @LondonLogCo

We reserve the right to source our products from outside suppliers, in times of low yield and high demand (usually where woodlands are flooded by rain, making the land soft and susceptible to damage) we may use wood from outside the uk, should we deem it necessary. Each year we strive to promote british woodland products. However, if and when we do source from elsewhere, we will do this in the most efficient and transparent way possible.

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